Frequently asked questions

We've summarised our response to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Most popular questions

Stencil offers design-as-a-service. Anything from graphic design, to UI/UX design focused on Web and Mobile Applications, we’re here to deliver. We fulfil your design needs in a seamless and quick manner.

You pick one of our packages and based on your requirements we will pair you with one of our talented designers who will take care of all your design needs.

We offer a range of materials. From banners to branding, social media content, advertisements, user interfaces and website landing pages. You name it!

Our designer’s agility and velocity is unmatched – within 1 business day you will begin to see results and output.

Getting Started

We have Graphic Designers and UI/UX Designers that are focused on a wide range of design materials.

Most definitely! Reach out to us with what you have in mind and we will customise a service that fits your need.

Simply pick one of our packages and click on ‘Buy Now’ and you will be guided through the steps to make a payment.

Just the desire to work with a designer alongside your requirements for the material you want designed.