About us

Stencil was founded on the notion of providing design-as-a-service. As the world evolves and our everyday experiences expand into the digital space – there is a need for seamless and aesthetically pleasing design that streamlines our interaction. Stencil bridges the gap between a designer and a client. 

Accessible Design Matters

We believe that beautiful design should not come at a large cost and remain inaccessible for small to medium enterprises. We bridge the gap between outstanding designers and curious institutions. Thereby enabling great design to be accessible to anyone who desires it.

Our philosophy revolves around empathising with our clients and designing to meet their need. In doing so, not only do we serve our customers, but also end up filling the digital space with aesthetically pleasing design artefacts.

Talented & Diverse Community of Designers

Not only do we believe that we are a company that offers design services – we sincerely intend to empower a community of designers to leapfrog into their next big project. Our team, global and connected, is highly diverse and talented bringing together numerous cultures and perspectives. 

Our designers obtain their inspiration from their everyday interactions. Not only do we deliver graphics, but also a powerful story alongside it. Leaving our clients with no choice but to return to us to fulfil their design needs in the future.


Our Mission

To deliver quick and with quality. The greatest designers have a knack and eye for delivery, all we do is pair the right designer with the client and let process, grounded by empathy and empowered by talent, handle the rest.

Customer First

We are present to serve our customers and their existence allows us to practice what we love most – aesthetically pleasing designs.


We believe that a group is us is more creative than any single one of us, which is why collaboration is an important to us.


We do not work for you, we work WITH YOU. Co-designing a solution means your input matters to us.

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